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Butternut Squash

I am not sure how I lived to be well into my forties before I discovered Butternut Squash. If you aren't eating it on a regular basis I encourage you to give it a try! I first started eating it when I began the AIP Diet, and have been hooked ever since. You can buy it chopped and fresh in your produce section in some grocery stores, frozen or you can buy and cook the entire squash which is not hard at all.

Butternut Squash is full of vitamin A, which means it is great for your eye health. It has potassium, Vitamin C and minerals. It's full of good, soluable fiber which keeps you full and is good for your digestion. The beta carotene (which gives it the bright orange color) lowers inflammation, which has benefits for your heart and can possibly help prevent certain types of cancers.

I eat Butternut Squash for a side dish, or and I know it sounds crazy, but I also sometimes eat it for breakfast. Topped with cinnamon and some shredded coconut; it's a great healthy start to your day. It's reminiscent of oatmeal, with all the delicious fall flavors of this time of year.

To cook it whole, you first slice it in half (the long way) with a very sharp knife. To do that, I first cut off any hard stem on the top, then stand it on it's end and pull the knife directly down, splitting it right in two. Then I scoop out the seeds and stringy flesh and place it into a baking dish. I coat it with some olive oil and some kosher salt and bake it in a 350-degree oven for about 40 minutes until it's soft. Once it's cooled, I drop the squash in a large storage container, keep it in the fridge, and pull it out when I am ready to eat it. You can shred it with a fork so it has a mashed consistency or dice it up for soups and such.

As I mentioned, it's a popular side dish in our house served just with some cinnamon. It pairs perfectly with chicken, pork or turkey. I also like to top it with shredded coconut, another nutritional powerhouse, and then it's almost a dessert.


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