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The Auto-Immune Protocol Diet

I am living proof of just how effective this type of eating plan can be. If you have any sort of autoimmune issue or other types of health conditions, this diet can really help. While it is quite restrictive, it's a short-term program so you don't have to give up your favorites for the rest of your life just to feel better.

If you think this type of diet would be of benefit to you, I highly recommend reading this book by Dr. Amy Myers. It has so much more information than I can give you. I read it, started the AIP protocol in May of 2017 and saw a significant difference in my energy, mood and sleep after two months. I slowly returned to my normal way of eating, but over the last few years have periodically returned to this strategy when I felt like I needed a health reset. It just works.

The premise of the diet is that you eliminate any foods causing inflammation in your system. It gives your body a chance to rest and heal, which in return makes you feel better. While it is restrictive--no sugar, carbs, grains, eggs, beans, alcohol etc. you can slowly add (most) of these things back in during the reentry stage which helps you really see how different food impacts you. I learned so much about how foods make me feel, and especially how much I needed protein after undertaking this eating plan. I also discovered some of my current favorite foods like butternut squash, and coconut anything (coconut flour is so good!).

It isn't easy, but it is worth it. Since I undertook this eating plan, I have learned to eat in a way that makes me feel good, rather than just for "comfort". It's the whole premise behind this website in fact. Foods can either heal or hurt, and I'll be sharing more!

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