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My Favorite Smoothie (I drink daily)

If I do nothing else that helps me feel healthy somedays, making this smoothie always makes me feel like I have done something good. I would guess I make one of these 4 to 5 days a week, typically late morning before I am ready for lunch but a few hours after breakfast. These are simple to make, and you can batch prepare them if you like.

While I do vary the ingredients based on what I have on hand, these are the key items I try to always include:

Frozen Wild Blueberries-- a powerful antioxidant! 1 cup per day staves off cognitive decline and provides a ton of other health benefits.

A Handful of Organic Kale -- you won't even taste it, a great way to add a serving of greens

Tart Cherry Juice--I buy this fresh pressed kind that also includes apple, but you can buy the (non-concentrate), in bottles, I freeze this in ice cubes so it doesn't spoil before I can finish a bottle.

One Organic Green Apple (I usually do half)--good source of fiber

One Scoop of Unsweetened Cranberries--full of polyphenols, and more good anti-oxidants (sidenote: red fruits are excellent at protecting the bladder)

1 Scoop of Quercitan Powder--(Available Here), excellent for reducing inflammation

Squeeze of Fresh Lemon--Hydrating, also the peel is full of nutrients too.

I also sometimes include 1/2 a banana, 1 scoop of Vitamin C powder, Frozen Strawberries or Watermelon or Spinach.

I mix all this together along with a few ice cubes and a little filtered water if needed in my Vitamin Blender (worth every penny). It tastes great and I have covered a bunch of nutrients in one quick drink.


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