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Electrolyte Water

When we think of replacing electrolytes, either Gatorade or Pedialyte comes to mind, and those are OK in extreme situations like stomach illness or exercising in very hot weather. However, for day-to-day hydration, you can go beyond just water and make a quick and easy electrolyte water. I drink this on hot days or first thing in the morning.

I simply use filtered water (we have a Berkey system to ensure our water is clean and fresh) and add a slice of lemon and a dash of sea salt. I like to also add a sprig of mint because it makes it more refreshing. The lemon and salt help your body absorb the water. I often find that though I drink water all day long, I am still thirsty, so I try to make an effort to always stay well hydrated.

These pretty glasses are available here, and if you want even more hydration and minerals, I recommend the Ultima supplement. Simply pour it into a glass of water or take it on the go in a water bottle. My personal favorite is lemon. I call it healthy Gatorade! I am totally that mom chasing my kids around offering them an Ultima on a hot day 😂.


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