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The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

(I was gifted LumeBox so I could share my experience with you all)

I was excited to begin using a Red Light Therapy Device for the many health benefits. Not only can Red Light therapy promote healing, reduce pain, and increase collagen production, but it also has been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety. Red Light therapy is gaining popularity as an effective treatment with many health benefits such as faster recovery from strain or injury, better mood and energy, and healthier skin.

It works by improving the function of the mitochondria (also called the powerhouse) in the cell. With both Near Infrared Light and Red Light, this small red light machine can be used in any number of ways. You can simply sit in front of it for 10-12 minutes a day in the morning to help regulate your circadian rhythms (which helps you sleep) and help to stave off seasonal depression during shorter, darker days.

If you have an injury, the Near Infrared light (NIR) can help speed up healing, It is also beneficial for post-workout strain and fatigue, you just position the light on the sore body part to aid in recovery. It also can be effective in minimizing infections and may even promote healing in the case of an infection such as an earache or sore throat.


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