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Anti-Inflammatory Cooking

Inflammation is getting more and more attention in the medical world as the root cause of many health issues. Eating within the guidelines of an Anti-Inflammatory diet can benefit your health, reduce inflammation, help you have more energy and sleep better and also reduce your odds of disease. Last week I discussed the AIP protocol (Auto Immune Protocol) and this week, I wanted to share a slightly different version of the same wellness strategy, an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

If you suffer from medical issues but just can't imagine the restrictiveness of the AIP way of eating, I'd highly recommend adding in some of the Anti-Inflammatory strategies. Even if you don't have medical issues, systemic inflammation is a factor in obesity, type 2 diabetes (and pre-diabetes), cognitive issues and Alzheimer's, IBS, Crohn's, arthritis, heart disease and even some cancers. (source: Johns Hopkins)

An Anti-Inflammatory diet includes reducing or even eliminating foods like:

  • Sugar (including sodas, teas)

  • Commercially produced meats (grain-fed)

  • Inflammatory Oils

  • Processed Foods (nitrate-laden meats, snacks like microwave popcorn)

  • Fried Foods/TransFats (including coffee creamers)

  • White Flour/Traditional Baked Goods (like gluten-laden donuts, coffee cakes)

The Anti-Inflammatory diet calls for consuming foods like:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids (found in wild salmon, nuts, or I take this supplement)

  • High-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Vitamin C (I like this powdered form)

  • Polyphenols--compounds found in plants that reduce inflammation

  • Fiber-rich vegetables, fruits

To summarize how to begin an Anti-Inflammatory diet, increase the organic vegetables in your diet, consume grass-fed, natural and organic meats while reducing the processed, sugary and chemical-laden food. Add healthy fats such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and avocados along with fresh herbs and fresh wild-caught fish high in Omega 3's. Overall, the recipes I share on this site are all designed to help you fight systemic inflammation and will fall into the category of this diet.


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