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Anti-Inflammatory Cooking

Inflammation is getting more and more attention in the health world as the root cause of many health issues. Working to reduce inflammation is one of the best ways to feel better, and it also reduces your odds of disease. Last week I discussed the AIP protocol (Auto Immune Protocol) and this week, I wanted to share a slightly different version--Anti-Inflammatory Diet strategies.

If you suffer from medical issues but just can't imagine the restrictiveness of the AIP way of eating, I'd highly recommend adding in some of the Anti-Inflammatory strategies. Even if you don't have medical issues, systemic inflammation is a factor in obesity, type 2 diabetes (and pre-diabetes), cognitive issues and Alzheimer's, IBS, Crohn's, arthritis, heart disease and even some cancers. (source: Johns Hopkins)

An Anti-Inflammatory diet includes reducing or even eliminating foods like:

  • Sugar (including sodas, teas)

  • Commercially produced meats (grain-fed)

  • Inflammatory Oils

  • Processed Foods (nitrate-laden meats, snacks like microwave popcorn)

  • Fried Foods/TransFats (including coffee creamers)

  • White Flour/Traditional Baked Goods (like gluten-laden donuts, coffee cakes)

Instead, the diet calls for consuming:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids (found in wild salmon, nuts, or I take this supplement)

  • High-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Vitamin C (I like this powdered form)

  • Polyphenols--compounds found in plants that reduce inflammation

  • Fiber-rich vegetables, fruits

To summarize, increasing the organic and natural vegetables in your diet, consuming grass-fed, natural meats while reducing the processed, sugary and chemical-laden food. Overall, the recipes I share on this site are all designed to help you fight systemic inflammation and most will fall into the category of this diet.

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