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The Supplements I Take Each Day

I thought it would be helpful to share the supplements I take each day, especially the general ones that are good for overall health and not too niche for my situation. I do believe it is important to make up for nutritional and systemic deficiencies through supplements. However, it's also very important to take a good quality supplement vs. a drug store brand made with fillers and synthetic vitamins.

These have been recommended by my practitioners, but always consult your doctor before starting something new.

I am reading most doctors agree that these three supplements are generally beneficial for most people, (and if your doctor is only offering you pharmaceuticals you might want to consider finding a new doctor, but that is just my strong opinion!) those are Vitamin C, Vitamin D and an Omega 3 (fish oil) supplement. Here are the ones/brands I take:

Each morning I take a multivitamin, I currently take this one to cover all the bases. As it's a two-a-day formulation, I try to take a second one after lunch.

I also take a fish oil supplement. I tested low for DHA last year, and really notice a difference in my mood and motivation with this supplement. Omega 3's are important for heart and brain health, and many people are deficient. I take this one below, and no it doesn't taste fishy.

I don't take Vitamin D every day in the summertime when I am outside more, but now that the days are getting shorter I try to take one of these every few days, at least. I also have my kids and husband take this. Obviously, we all have heard plenty about Vitamin D levels these last few years but it's a really easy way to boost your immunity. I trust this brand.

I recently added the Florastor probiotic to my regime, there are so many probiotics out there that could be an entirely different post. My functional doctor recommended this one as it specifically targets candida and is especially good after antibiotics. Gut health is super important to our overall well-being. If you do start a probiotic, it's always a good idea to start low and slow until you know how they will affect you. I take this about 30 minutes before I eat, usually at lunchtime.

I have shared the Magnesium below as a "Favorite Thing" already because I am that much of a fan. Magnesium is something most people are deficient in, and adding it to your diet (in a good pure form) can have many benefits. I sleep so much better and have fewer migraines since I started taking this. There are several types of magnesium, I prefer this one (the bisglycinate) as it helps with migraines. I have been told that many cheaper store brands (like popular antacids) are mostly filler, so I'd stay away from them.

I alternate with this Cal-Mag-Citrate supplement below. I like that it has Vitamin C and calcium in it too, though I am not sure the magnesium in this one (citrate) is in as pure of a form as the one above, so I like to get some of both.

If you saw the post on my daily smoothie, you saw I add a scoop of Quercetin to it. This is great for reducing inflammation (along with Turmeric, which I am not currently taking but have in the past and probably will start again). I buy this brand and just add it to the smoothie so it's one less pill to swallow each day.

I have been taking this Klaire Labs powdered vitamin C for years, and one of these bottles lasts literally forever. I used to put it in my kids' morning orange juice and they never knew. The best way to take this is to take some in the AM and more in the evening (to boost absorption), so combined with the Cal-Mag-Citrate I figure I get about 1000 mgs each day. Vitamin C is good for the immune system, it's a good hormone regulator and also good for collegen production so it's all around important vitamin. Since our bodies can't make it, we need to get it from foods or supplement it.

Those are the main supplements I take daily. I do have some others that I could mention but they are pretty specific to a certain health issue, for instance, I take Kelp to boost my thyroid but that would be something to discuss with your doctor before beginning. I think these are very beneficial, and just please be mindful of the quality of the supplements you are consuming.


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