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As we age it gets so much harder to sleep! I wanted to share a few tips that if you haven't tried them you might find helpful. It's worth noting that while I don't take them, Melatonin has surprising health benefits and if your really struggling, I encourage those of you mid-life women to pursue hormone replacement therapy which can also really help.

For more lifestyle ideas, here are some tricks I find that help.

Magnesium. This is my favorite kind, it's pricey but sleeping well is so worth it! It also has tons of other health benefits.

A sleep mask. This one is affordable, and it nicely blocks out light without being annoying and it's great for travel too.

I am a bit of a fanatic about these Sateen Sheets, I share them constantly both on 11Magnolialane and with anyone who needs to know. I just think they are very soft and comfortable, they stay cool, plus they are great quality and hold up for years (unlike other expensive sheets). Make sure to use the promo code for 40% off.


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